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Ex boyfriend is so overprotective

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I have a problem with my ex boyfriend (john). Well we split up just under a month ago and he wont let any other guys talk to/be with me. Last night he got a bit too drunk at our local pub and ended up near enough having a fight with one of my boy"friends" carl thinking something was going on between us- to defend himself carl said "look john nothings going on with me and her- she likes some other guy and i like abi" so John says "oh whos this other guy?" and carl ends up telling him that i like someone else in order to defend himself. Now John is going absolutley mad and calling me a Sl*t cos he found out i like someone else. I just wish he'd get over it!


Any advice

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Did he break up with you, or you break up with him, if he still has feelings for you then that could be the reason. Was he like this when you were together, always being overprotective? If he was, maybe it's just his way of looking after you? Or maybe he still feels like he has control over you? You should just tell him that now you two are not together it doesn't matter who either of you see, he can see who he wants and so can you. Its up to you now, and no one else.

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He does not own you, and he has no right to tell anyone he even suspects to be involved with you to back off. Calling you a * * * *? He's really matture.


I suggest calling him and reminding him that you ARE broken up and he has no say to anything going on in your life. You are allowed to date/be with whomever you want, and he better get used to it.

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