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Depends on the gal.


If it's important to her, then you'll probably want to make a shopping trip prior to the date.


If it doesn't make any difference to her, then only do it if you want to.


For the record, there's at least one woman on the face of the earth who doesn't care if she gets gifts on Christmas/birthday/Valentine's Day/Sweetest Day/Halloween/Groundhog Day or any other holiday. In fact, I'd rather you didn't....If there's something I want, I'd much prefer to get it myself, thanks.

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I think it also depends on how long you have been together. If you've only been together a week, then I would say that it's still important, but you shouldn't get her something big. Maybe just a cd or something.


However, if you've been together for a couple months or more, then it's very important. At least to some people and she seems like she's one of those people.

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its not really important

but it feels really weird when you dont get any hoopla - not that you care for it but for some reason as humans we expect it - especially after givinga few years and returning the action


i think you should have written a sweet card or a letter in the least.

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i agree with maggie, if you've only been together for a week or so then just give her something small. But it's definitely important! A gift doesn't have to be something physical, cook her dinner or bringing her to some special place would be nice.. and if you're some place else on her birthday, remember to give her a phone call.

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