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reality hit me on the head?!

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I know this is long and probably boring for most ppl but it is just somthing i feel that is a problem for me and i wanna tell somone. >_


Well, how do i start~ i am currently a college student and i am on my winter break (1month). but like last year my gf went to Hong kong during the break, so i am stuck here all by myself. This is when i realized that i have been spending too much time with my gf that i have broke away from many of my old frds. I felt pretty lonely this break, i didn't have alot of activities to do (only had fun on certain dayz, like x mas, and other gatherings).


i feel that i have been maybe too close with my gf? and went too far away from my old frds. She is also in university and i am in college, that also make me feel really usless i guess. so after thinking about this, i have decided to not waste as much time with her...and make my life more busy by studying, getting parttime job, and etc. (i really hope i can reach this goal but it is hard>


To make myself have a life and not be with my gf all the time i need to make frds and I have a problem with making frds nowadayz. It is hard to make frds esp now that i am in college. I am taking general studies and it is hard to get to know ppl like how i did in high school. In college general studies one semester they are in ur class, the next sem. they are gone. Also many ppl have already formed their own little goups in high school. In other places like sports i could try but it is hard or maybe jsut for me>


I am also kinda mad that she went to hong kong... cause we are both busy with our studies and we finally more time and she goes to hk! well i guess this is a good wake up call for me not to rely on one person toooo much.


anywayz this is probably BS to most of u but i do hope for some respond...andi feel much better typing it out...if only i could have a close frd to tell this stuff to.......sigh


Thank you for reading this!

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Hey you know what? Go out and reconnect with some old friends. Just because you have a girlfriend doesn't mean that you can't have pals.


Certainly you've probably spent too much time together...you knew she was leaving for Hong Kong for goodness sakes.


You can't make friends in college huh: join a group, go to an activity, and start doing things on a frequent basis and low and behold, you'll see some familiar people at all your activities.


It is ok bud

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