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How can I save some money?

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well when i was working i would have my employer deduct money from my pay towards savings bonds, GIC etc.. check to see if you have any saving plans available at your work.... if not, then you can do the same type thing with your bank. just a little a pay will add up nicely.

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ok here are some ideas:

1)pay cash when possible. if your buying a negotiable product people usually sell for less when you have cash in hand. also take all the coin change you get and put it in a coffee jar or something it adds up quick

2)take like 5 dollars a week and stick it in a place thats difficult to get to or if you have the will power not to take it out again, put it with your change.

3)for food buy more fruits and vedgetables. its cheaper and better for you.

4)for entertainment stay in instead of going out every once in a while, rent or borrow a movie. get a book from the library and read.

5)dont be afraid to buy generiic brands instaed of name brands its cheaper and usually of the same quality


i hope this helps you and good luck



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