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Well, I guess this is more of a vent... I've had a lot of stuff going through my mind lately, and well, there's 2 things going on related to this topic. Since I like to plan ahead, I think I have an idea of what I'll do, and I'm going to share it with you, so please just post your thoughts:


There are this 2 girls in one of my classes. One I've always found attractive, and I think maybe she might have been interested at one point. Lately not really, though, so maybe it's too late (I ignored her back then, but it wasn't intentional...). And well, I can't say I get the best vibe, but who knows? I'm not infallible. So I decided I'll talk to her, and if she responds in a rude way, I'll forget her.


The other girl I had talked to a couple of times but only a couple of sentences. But yesterday I had a real convo with her, and I got a good vibe out of her... And well, i can say I feel interest now... At no point did she make me feel like a loser/dork in the convo... I've been seeing her around the hallways too, since last year, and she doesn't seem to have that many friends, and she's kinda shy too. Well, so I decided I might try to talk to her some more, get to know her and get her number or something.


Good idea?

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you do realise you can talk to a girl without meaning to date her, if you're unsure talk to both of them and get to know them. You dont have to 'choose' which to approach. just talk to them abit and find out if they really are right for you and then make a decision for one or even none of them if you haven't connected with them.

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