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really confused about situation with ex and another girl! need other opinions

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hi well to keep it short and simple, i have a really confusing dilema: either go out for coffe wiht my ex tomorow night ( we both still feel really stongly about each other and want to be together in the future) or go to a cottage party with this girl that i know. also, shes at a cottage party tonight and its at this guys cottage thats really trying hard to get with her but shes told me that she has no feelings for him and there just friends. so she asked me for coffe tomorow night but ive also been asked to go to this cottage party, i would really like to go, but im so confused whether or not i want to see my ex. i really enjoy seeing my ex, and i think every time i see her (about every 2 weeks) we make alot of progress and i feel alot better about myself. but i also dont wanna miss the opportunity to party with this girl (and possibly more) just because i wanna see my ex. i know this is very general but let me tell you that i love my ex and i can rationally see us having a future just right now were kinda taking some space due to changes (highschool -> college + jobs etc.) but i mean im so confused because i also want to experience more. the way im feeling right now is that ill pass on the party tomorow and see my ex, and then if that doesnt go well then ill party with the other girl another time. anyways, id really appreciate what anybody thinks i should do, because i honestly want to do the right thing to get back with my ex, so i either want to see her so that we can bond again, but i dont want to look spineless for turning donw a party to see her. and then i also want to go so that i seem more independent and that she will want me more, i duno im really confused just let me know what you all think. thanks

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