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what make of this?


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I'm very interesed in a woman who I deal with through my job. But I do not work with her.


About two weeks, I attended an event in which she spoke. I thought she did a terrific job. Later in the day, I called her and told her that. She replied that "I was very thoughtful" and by calling told her "what type of person I am.


I saw at a meeting yesterday, I get a big smile and very sweet hello, which I usually do not get.


Do you think she is interested or am I overeacting?

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She's probably wondering the same thing, as long as it can have zero negative impact on your company and your position, ask her out. Just realize if you have misread this situation you may be a little red when you see her during the course of your work.


I agree for the most part, or with some additional suggestions.


My first invitation would be for something simple, coffee a drink, etc. If it could be fun too, that would be good but not necessary. And, I would brush up on reading and sending the right body language signals before we met for that date, etc. You get to make an invitation that is fairly vague as to whether it is a date or not, and while there can figure out more about whether she has interest by reading her body language.


A lot of eye contact while she is talking may be all the signals that you need to send.

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