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I am very interested in a women whom I deal with through my job. I serve as an adminstrator for a grant program. She works for one of our providers who gets grant money.


I really like her, but I'm trying to find out whether she is single. How should I approach her for a date?

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Ask her out for something simple, coffee, drinks, etc. Read her body language when together. Give her a lot of eye contact when she speaks. Keep your eyes looking at the triangular area from the tip of her nose to the outside of her eyebrows. If she seems very attractive, begin to lower this area with glances to her lips, as if you were thinking about kssing them. As she finishes speaking, look right at her pupils and hold it for a moment after she stops speaking, before doing anything else. I cannot explain it as anything more than letting her know you are really listening, but this little thing with eye contact tricks has saved more than one of my first dates that felt like it was going bad. I'd start giving her eye contact, and she would go from bored with me to hot for me, in a short while.


If she says no to coffee, it is less rejection than if you ask her to dinner.

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you gotta do it the good ole iowa way n make it obvious you're interested in her (works real well out here in cali) but i'm only a punk-@$$ so what would i know but go ahead n just ask her what she likes to do n if she mentions somethin about her boyfriend well you figure the rest out n if you find a common interest between the two of you hook somethin up from there

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