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Advice about a girl


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Hello people

I generally go to get smoothies and this girl , who i like, works there. Of late we are having a the small talk and i feel like i should ask her out .


On the new years eve as i was paying for my stuff she asked me what are my plans for new year and i said "Club hopping with friends, what are you doing?". She said shes gonna sit home and watch TV and that shes boring . I asked her that she can hang out with us if she wants. She thought for a min and then said that she appreciates the offer but shall stay home.

This morning i go again and before i leave we exchanged pleasenteries..good weekend etc.. and she asks me what are my plans for weekend. I tell her that il just be hanging out(but didnt ask her out ).

Should i read ne thing into this? Should i ask her out ? Shes probably in college while im working so the age gap of at least 7 years would be there. Not sure what to do. What do ya'll nice men and women suggest?

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Thanks for the advice guys. I asked her out today, "WOuld you like to hang out on saturday", she said she has to work all week. The usual stuff to turn someone down, Iappreciate the offer but...I am flattered but etc.


May be i misread the signal.

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