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Hi all, i'm new to this forum, here's whats going on.


She is my flat mate. 1 month into uni Octoberish she broke up with her boyfriend who she had been going out for 2 and a half years. That was here first boyfriend. They live in the same town. A couple of days later she broke up she started kissing this lad in the bar that is one of our flat mates friends. But he got very drunk and she had to look after him and after that night she texted him and called him but no response so she gave up. Anyway we where good friends and got on well. However we where all due to go to a fancy dress party in the evening, in the day time she met with that lad while we where all buying clothes to wear but he called and said he wasn't coming. She said it was ok, but got very drunk and i had to look after her, which i didn't mine. She was just leaning on me all night. Anyway since then we have been leaning on each other on the sofa and got a bit close. Then weeks later we went back to the flat while the everyone else was still at the bar and we kissed. I was so scared but enjoyed it. Anyway 2 weeks ago i asked this girl if she would go out with me. I've never been with a girlfriend before, ever had sex with anyone or even kissed anyone before, she said yes. But kept on saying that if it doesn't work out... will we still be friends and so on, i keep saying yes. But she keeps on saying it and i think she doesn't like me or want me. Anyway she went home and saw here ex boyfriend, he was very down his mates didn't come up and didn't have a good time. She is also feeling down and feels sorry for him. She keeps on saying that he's not over her and hasn't told him about us. She says he's one one her best mates. Which i keep saying its ok, take your time. You have been with him for 2 and a half years, thats a long time, why don't you phone him and see if he's ok. I don't mind that, but what bothers me is all the time she is saying what happens if it doesn't work out. I feel that she wants it to fail between us. What do you think? I really like her.



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