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Hello all


Happy new year, hope you had a good one


Anyway, I have a question. Do you know when you feel so heavily attracted to someone that eventually you fall in love with them? Why is it you forget what they look like when your away from them for a little while??



I mean the guy who I'm attracted to (I work with him and he has a girlfriend) I forgot what he looked like over christmas. I could picture his hair, and his eyes but I can't picture him as a whole person. I spoke about him quite a lot in my other posts.


I just wanted to know why I forget his face?


Laura x

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I have this happen. I have, in fact, walked right by people I know without "seeing" them, even though I may have been looking directly at them. I have actually done this while looking for my husband if we get separated at the grocery store or Wal-Mart or wherever. I'll be looking for him and walk right by him.


I think it may have something to do with your learning style, as learning and memory are linked.




Here's a brief summary from the above link:


Visual Learners learn by watching. They use images to remember, creating a picture in their heads. To learn spelling, for example, they may picture the way a word looks.


Auditory learners benefit from traditional teaching techniques. They learn well when directions are read aloud or information is presented and requested verbally. They remember facts when presented in a poem, song or melody.


Physical learners learn best through movement and physical manipulation. They like to find out how things work and want to touch, feel and experience what they are being asked to learn. Most kindergartners are physical learners, but by second or third grade their learning styles may change to visual or auditory. However, half of all students in high school and beyond remain physical learners.

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