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shy or not interested- how can u tell?


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How about, no you can't really tell the difference...


and how to tell the difference? just ask in a light hearted way...

"Hey, do we have a thing starting between us?"

"Hi there, am I missing something or do we have a thing?"

"Hey, I noticed you noticing me, what should we do?"

"Hi, I am wondering if I am detecting some signals of interest from you or am I just that self-absorbed?" (don't use that one =)

"Hey, do you wanna hang out some more? cuz if you did, I might say yes."

"Hey, what's the deal with you giving me the eye, punk!" (don't use that one =)



You get the idea...


What's the worst that could happen? He could laugh at you right? Well if he did laugh at you, then you would know he was a jerk and doesn't respect people (women) and their feelings and luckily you didn't waste your time with him.



But on the other hand, you could continue the torture of not knowing, and observe whether he pays more attention to you than to other girls. Whether he tries to be around you, listens to you closer than other people, tries to be in the same groups, classes. blah blah.


I say, just ask. If he can't handle the direct-ness, then he's not man enough for you either.



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Are there any specific ways to tell if a guy is interested in you but too shy to make a move or just not interested at all? How can you tell the difference?


Yes, there are specific ways. Body language is a tell-all. If you are able to read body language as well as project body language and specifically, how to flirt then it's almost a sure way of telling whether or not someone is attracted to you.

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Look for strong eye contact, an open posture (meaning arms are opened and not crossed, also his legs not crossed), look for a subtle or obvious touch (him touching you, teasing you), look for him leaning inward during your conversation, look for his body to be pointed toward you rather than an different angle, etc. There are many more indicators. I'll pm you more info.

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but don't overly read into anything. Especially not into stuff like "I'm walking to his general direction and he crossed his arms omg".. that doesn't mean anything because he didn't necessarily even notice you..


what he does when he looks at you, and what he does when you talk, that's what counts. You need to make a conversation before you can properly read into his behaviour.

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