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Having Issues with Parents

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If he's a good boyfriend he won't be mad at you for something that isn't under your control. I would sit down with your parents and explain that you're an adult, not a child anymore, and that you have the right to say no to something or to see your boyfriend if you want to.


How are they stopping you from getting your license? Maybe one weekend you can go and get it while you're shopping or something. They can't stop you from doing what you want, not now that you're an adult.


I had the same problem with my dad. He was too controlling so I moved out and then moved in with my mum. She was the exact opposite, not controlling enough. She didn't care if I was out til all hours and drinking and smoking, etc etc. I've now moved out of there and am now living with my girlfriend. Neither of them can stop you from being yourself, no matter what they think.


If it gets too much and you can't do anything then get out of there and possibly involve the police. But I strongly suggest just talking to them and explaining that you're an adult that can make conscious decisions for yourself.


Good luck

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Be careful!


In the eyes of the law you're an adult but when you live with your parents they can turn on you and say, 'As long as you live under our roof you have to do as we say!'


If you're not happy you have to start and make plans for the future.


Good luck and take care.

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Have you tried speaking to your parents in an adult manner about these issues? You are 18, and I find it surprising that they are so willing to treat you as if you were more like 15. Have you graduated from High School? If so, are you going to college? Either way, they may be treating you this way because you are allowing them to do so. If you haven't expressed how you feel, they may not fully be aware of their own behavior towards you. Start there, and if that doesn't help, you need to determine what steps are necessary to make your life the way you want it. You need to figure out how you are going to get your DL, find a job, save money, find a roomate perhaps, or even a friend or relative that you can temporariliy stay with until you can get out on your own. Lastly, this may sound brash, but make sure you examine your own behavior. If you are still "acting" like a child, then you should expect to be treated as one. If that's the case, "you" need to change before anything else can. And when you speak to your parents, don't whine or demand. Just express to them how their present actions are affecting you, and that you need their support in helping you to become more independent. Good Luck.

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