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He is such a jerk

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Okay me and my ex dated for about 2 months... Our relationship was good I thought anywaze... I was kinda rude to him sometimes and there was things I asked of him that werent always met. Anywaze we had a agurment one night and I told him I was done but he didnt want that so we worked it out then the next day he totally ignored my calls, my txt's and so on... Well the next night I call him and he anwsers and tells me that its not working out and that he cant give me what I want so its over. Only to let me hear some girl in the back ground ask who he was talking to and he said " nichole, im just trying to explain to her that" and then he hung up! Anywaze me and him traded something and now he wants his back but dont want to give me mine.. He emails me about it everyday. About 6 weeks ago I found out I was pregant with his kid, he insited I kept it and gave it to him. Well about 5 days ago I had a miscarriage so I emailed him and told him.. He responed by saying "sorry they dont have hallmark cards for that".. JERK!!! He has just been a really huge a#$ hole since we broke up.. And he NEVER acted like that before... Yesterday he sent me an email saying he was truley sorry for what happened to me and so on. Today I was online and he instant messaged me telling me he wanted to know how I was doing, and that he was sorry for everything and all this.. I was like whatever and got offline.. I signed back on about 20 mins later and his status was "there i go thinking about you again"

I mean honestly what is his deal??? and what should I do?

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it's tough.

you need to establish NC. it is for your own good as well.

realize that it has only been 2 months, and yes you have strong feelings for him.

but a comment like they don't make hallmark cards for that is low. granted he did apologize, and probably does regret that, but still, that is just insensitive.

keep your dignity.

the fact that someone else was with him, and he hung up on you, probably means hes been with her as well. very tough pill to swallow.

think to yourself, do you really want to give yourself to someone like that.

make a list of the good and the bad, usually the bad outweighs the good. it has helped for me, even though things arent easy.

NC is risky, but it hurts more if you call or text and get no response. if he wants you back, eventually he will call. if he doesnt you will have moved on.

hang with friends. go out. keep busy. go to the gym, it will help. go to borders and take out a few books, get some coffee, and read it will help the hours pass by.


be strong, it is so hard, i know how you feel. all of us here are going through the same thing

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Well see Im not upset that we broke up, I wasnt upset when he broke up with me.. I wasnt getting what I needed from him, yeah he tryed but he just wasnt what I needed I guess. I dont have feelings for him anymore and honestly I didnt have any feelings at all for him for like the last 2 weeks we were together. He didnt cheat on me with that girl. See he was living with chris who is my best friend, Ive known my entire life and he said that my ex met the girl that day that he broke up with me. He is just annoying because he emails me all the times wanting his stuff back but doesnt want to give me mine and then he'll be a jerk and then email saying sorry. I dont want him in my life at all anymore cuz Ive been dating a new guy since me and him broke up and it upsets him that he emails me so much

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