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One threat of man's essense is vibrations.

Vibrations caused by external, often unknown sources.

Vibrations which can transform man's essense.

That is, if essense itself is not fully awake.

Vibrations initially seem to win the duel against it.

They make the ears so surprised that they ring.

They make the body so frightened that it shivers.

They make the will so moved it adapts to the vibration's command.

It is only for that one short moment however.

Over time, the vibration seems to lose its advantage.

When in reality, it has already morphed essense before it had a chance to parry the attack.

It becomes so morphed that is does not remember being attacked.

In fact, essense and vibration might as well be one in essense's eyes if questioned.

The ringing of the ears becomes so faint that essense rejects the possibility of those ears still ringing.

The magnitude of shivering of the body decreases so much that essense denies any further existence of such a magnitude.

The will pleads innocent when charged with releiving its previous duties for the self.

Finally, the vibrations sit happily inside what used to be the agent of choice.

Without the missing agent ever acknowledging it.

But rather it never believes that its decisions are ever distorted by outside entities.

The day the vibrations stop disrupting essense is the day when essense can peek outside of itself.

And thus notice the instability of it all.

Essense then attacks itself in the areas that it must attack.

And removes the inconsistencies and thus the remanents of the vibrations.

It then wakes up from a world where vibrations are impossible.

Curious to see if new vibrations will attempt to threaten it.

It is not ridiculous for me to think that this whole process happens every second of the day.

Just as it is not ridiculous for one to think that this process could last for the rest of one's life.

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