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It's long, but bear with me, I need this.

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I know a post a lot, but I need help once again.


I hear that my ex-gf likes me, but doesn't act on her feelings, and she won't.


thats from her best friend, a reliable source.


I feel that I want to make a move or something. I'm tired of being stuck in neutral and whenever I step back, she STILL initiates contact with me, despite saying she wants to be friends out of the blue, about a week ago.


Since then we've hung out together multiple times. Her ex bf came online tonight just to ask why we aren't together yet, and he even thinks we should be.


I saw her tonight at her friends house with a bunch of people, I was just stopping by to say hi. She is SO beautiful, nobody grasps me like she does. I looked at her and thought..... crap.


I want to get this burden off my shoulder, and feel I need to step up and be a man. I haven't mentioned "us" since our break up..


It's like she doesn't know what she wants. SHe wants to be around me, and have me.. but without the committment. Whenever I go out, she asks where im going, who with.. what am I doing.


Im pretty sure she has a "thing" for steve.. but I hear he doesn't have any interest in her. and that she will get over it fast, she's like that. except with me.. she took a while.


I think I might come out and say it. I don't care that she has guy friends, but I don't want to be just another one of them. I want to be her best guy friend again.


she also told me to look at her webpage where she has "awards" of all her friends.. I got best dressed, and best to talk with. steve got tallest, and funniest.


I post about this a lot, because I seem to be constantly changing my views, and I know everyone will tell me to back off. but I do, and she always finds me. I want her in my life, but it seems being her friend only leads to me wanting her.. everytime.


What do I do?

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You want her? Be more vague in your responses. IF she asks where you're going, tell her that you're hanging out "with a friend." If she wants clarification, tell her, "that's all you need to know." Also, forget about this Steve guy - DO NOT COMPETE. It is foolish to compete. Be confident in yourself and remember that this guy has almost nothing to do with how she feels about you. HOW YOU MAKE HER FEEL ABOUT HERSELF has a lot more to do with her liking you, or not liking you.


If she's digging you and the body lanuage says go ahead, then bust a move on her. Also, since she is your ex then you need to be fully aware of why it didn't work out the first time around and indirectly let her know that it won't happen again. Can you do this?

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I think so.

The other day I said I was going out for lunch, and she said where? who with? and I said. "it's a secret"


My parents are gone all weekend and they let me have friends over so i'm thinking of inviting her and her friends (who are also mine) over.


What kind of move should I bust out. Chances are I won't be given the chance if we hang out. I do feel that if she hooked up with steve, I wouldn't want to talk to her anymore, because I'd be hurt once again.


The reason it didn't work before is because I think she got scared of the comittment or something. She said she liked being friends but maybe not spending the night at my cottage (like she did a few times).


Even though our family treats her like our own. Same with hers, and me.


I also feel I was a little eager to please her in the past relationship.. which made me seem needy/ overly zealous. etc.


SHould I tell her how I feel? Let her know that being friends with her seems to continuously bring me back to being attarcted to her, and I can't help it.


I know she loves having me in her life, but I don't knwo what to do.

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I agree with Chai, you need to play with her mind a bit. Maybe you are too "available" to her as a friend....that won't get her back as a gf. If there is even a chance, which I don't know.


Have you dated any other girls? I think you should. Let her know you have alot of other options....if she is really interested in you she won't let you get away...if not, you will know because she won't care.

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See how I get so many different opinions on my situation. I'm SO confued.


She is 15, and I am 16.


I dated a girl for a month and a half or so while we were broken up, but it didn't feel right so I broke it off. I found out she was jealous of her, because she was extremely good looking, and my ex probably felt I wouldn't get such a hottie without her.


She dated a guy for a few months too, and then he broke it off with her.


He's the same guy that came online last night and told me he thinks we should be together. HER EX.


I'm not much for games either, I like to get to the point. But it seems she doesn't like talking about "mushy" stuff. Talking about feelings, talking about "us". She admitted she doesn't like to talk about that stuff, and likes living each day as it comes.


Hope this helps.

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From memory... when I was 15 / 16, I was in a constant state of confusion about relationships. Your probably right on the money about her being scared of committing. 15 is around about the time that females start to really understand the power they can wield over the opposite sex. Consquently, experimenting / exploring that effect can be quite exciting, and its not something easily done when in a relationship.


Be patient with her, keep living for yourself, not for her. Give her some time to work out who she is and what she wants. You have the whole rest of your lives to be together if it works out... whats 6 months or a year now in the scheme of things.

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