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Is "What goes around, comes around" really true?

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I must admit that all your comments and words provide a ton of support.


My ex story is simple. Met her after a couple months after her boyfriend moved out of their house, to a different state. We felt a connection and acted on it.


We also became great friends-something I never truly felt with a girlfriend.


But having learned that time is necessary for healing, we backed off. We did the friend thing. I offered support, but not support for the break up, support for her doing things for her.


After months, we picked it up. She impressed me with her intentions and openness. We had wonderful times. We supported each other. At the time, it felt so healthy and balanced.


When it came time to sell the house and severe the last tie to her ex, the ex came back. She left just like that. Over.


It was very cruel. She certainly could have addressed these feelings sooner. And maybe she pushed them under some rug and couldn't. But even during our last conversation, it dawned on me that she will likely get burned again.


I realize this site isn't about revenge or hanging on, but lately I've been stuck on thinking "will her insensitivity and cruel actions come back around?"


What's worse is that it ended so badly, violent and ridiculous with her temper (someone I never knew before) that we won't be friends or even speak.


So how will I know when she gets hers? I hope it won't matter if I did find out because I plan to be better, be past it.


Does anyone have some good stories about this-their ex getting "what comes back around."????


I could use a pick-me-up.](*,)

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Lol - Ok, if that's what you're looking for....


A guy a few years back basically wasn't that into me because I'm not a petite blonde-haired blue-eyed sterotypical cutie (people do tell me I'm attractive though, in a more exotic way.) I liked him even though he was pudgy and short. Despite that, I wasn't what he wanted. That made me really sad.


A few years later, he fell for a friend of mine. She's gorgeous, but when he asked her out, she told him that he wasn't her type. Upon pressing, she admitted to him that she doesn't like short out of shape men. He's like, "Well - looks aren't everything! what about the insides!" She really broke his heart, said absolutely no way was she going to date him.


HA! That wasn't what he told me!!!


Ok, well, that's a superficial story...


but yes, I do think that she will have some huge problems with her current bf because of the way she left things off with you. I don't remember where I read this, but someone says that the way you end a relationship directly impacts the quality of your next relationship.


You're going to be ok. Don't worry. She has her own troubles now to deal with. You just focus on healing.

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She will pay,you can bet your life on that.Here's a perfect example.My mother told me some things about her break up with my dad while I was going through my breakup which really got me thinking about if everything really comes around.And I think it does.Heres an example.

About 20years aro my father bailed on my mother.He up and left her with four kids on top of that he used to beat her up on the regular.Well my mom told me she was crushed.She said she thought about him first thing every morning and the last thing everynight for a good 2yrs.About 13 years ago my mother found somebody who truley loves her and treats her like a queen.They married about 10 years ago.Mean while my father whom Im sure thought he was going to move on to bigger and better things is still alone after all these years.My mother couldnt be happier and I know my father feels lonely I see him regularly and I can tell.Now my stepdads first wife left him after being married about 10yrs.She was having an affair and split on him.She ended up marrying this guy and they had a couple kids toghether.My step dad told me that when she left he couldnt even look at women for about 8 months.This last spring we heard shes getting a divorce from this guy.She's pushing 50 and she wants a divorce.

If you think about it Im sure you can come up with a bunch of examples yourself.Things really do come around but like my mom said"unfortunataly it may take a decade and you wont be around to laugh at them".So I believe it does, I have to.Its what gets me out of bed every morning.(I say all this while knocking on wood by the way)

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