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Need some advice on work situation

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Can someone give me some advice please? I work in a situation where three of us work closely together with one guy as the team leader. Over the past 6 or seven months, I feel the team leader has been ignoring me and does not really engage in constructive conversations even when I ask. His relationship with the other team memeber seems to be more constructive and communicative. As a result, I am beginning to feel quite isolated and powerless at work. All my efforts must be approved by the team leader to be executed or implemented. Most of the time, I feel ignored. He says that he is just busy. I just can't ignore my gut feeling that something is a little off kilter though.

What do you think I should do?

I have appoached him a about how I feel and how to improve the situation. He responded for about a day and now it is back to the same situation again. I also went to management and they kind of are hand offish though.

I am starting to feel miserable at work.

What are your thoughts?


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To be honest, I don't think there is much you can do. It could be politics. Work situations are hard.


If anything just try to do good work and keep a postive attitude. Things always change and your team lead may not always be team lead forever.


I think the best thing at work is to stay positive and constructive with others. Bond a bit more with your team mates! Go to lunch and all that stuff.


Good luck! Oh and get that resume together. Even if you don't end up job searching it will remind you of your skills and accomplishments.


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