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cant figure out were i stand

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hey guy i need advise agin... i decided that i should try dateing agin since my loss 6 months ago. iv meet a gal and weve been getting along great i had asked her to be my gal a few months ago but she wouldnt do that until she got back from maryland.. while she was gone we talked on the phone and internet alot about every day actually and theres another guy she thinks likes her but he hasnt asked her out so i asked her is she saying no to me and waiting for him and we argured for a long time over it but i she isnt gonna wait for him and past few days weve been getting really close to each other like durring breaks she and i would look like were date cuz we were holdin hands kissin all the stuff that give off that kind of signa..when most people saw us together they asked me if we were dateing and i keep tellin them i dont know what i need help with if this is a way of saying yes with out her saying yes to me or what all of it means

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ok more advise need now today that guy asked her out and she said yes and when she told me i fliped i left her there cryin over it.. later she came to my house to let me know hses dumpin him becuse she couldnt stand to lose me is this a good sign?

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Tell her she's going to date you, or not. If not, then you're over her.


If you don't, she'll know that she can walk all over you and at any time pull the same thing when there's another guy she might be attracted to but isn't sure.


There are two possible outcomes to this situation:

1) She says yes, you're golden.

2) She says no, then why would you want her anyway? If you didn't ask the question, she would just continue to lead you on until some other guy comes along for her to mess with. This is the short-cut to the same final result.


Chicks dig confidence. Exude it. Otherwise, you will get walked over like you are right now.


Good luck,


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