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Hi every1, some of you might know about my story with my older lover.


I dont know where things are heading, but i love her alot, problem is the way she treats me and it might b worth moving on.


Anyway i am sending this thread cuz i have always had an ambition, my ambition is to live by the coast and so can surf and live a slower pace of life, i guess what i am asking is, do u think our partners can hold us back on our ambitions??? if so do u think it is worth moving on??


Alos i wud like to ask for any1's advice on relocating, has anyone relocated?? Does any1 live in Newquay, Cornwall, UK


Cheers Guys

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Yes, I firmly believe that our partners can hold us back from the things that we want to do. Well, let me rephrase that. Our LOVE for our partners can hold us back. Which I guess, would mean that we are really only holding ourselves back.


There are plenty of thinsg in this world that I have wanted to do. One of them is to also live near the beach. But I let someone who is controlling and abusive stop me from doing it.


Do what you want. Don't look back.

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