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i think about girls all the time and i have a girlfriend

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i think about girls all thi love my girl firend but seriously i think of girls all the time. i have fantasies about girls i have just met, friends of mine that are girls, girl doctors, girl dentist. while i get my hair cut if its a girl barber.


i am worried that i havent found my true love because if i did i wouldnt think about other girls so much. but the thought of breaking up with my current GF wont even enter my mind, because she is evrything i want. or rather almost everything

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Do you ever think you might do something about these fantasies? Is there ever a time where you might be tempted? If so there is a problem and you need to break up with your girlfriend so that she doesn't get hurt.


If you are not thinking of acting on these fantasies then I wouldn't think it was too much of a problem you're only 20 years old and there are still a lot of hormones flying around your body and fantasies are not a bad thing as long as they remain in the realm of fantasy.

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I think it's normal. As long as you love your gf and aren't planning on cheating, nothing wrong with a few harmless fantasies.


Say that your favorite meal is steak. You love it so much you have it every night. But, once in a while, you think about what it would be like to have some asparagus, or some mac and cheese. Just for the variety.


Just keep it in your fantasies

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If you think you're going to break up with her or hurt her eventually, then what's there to lose if you actually tell her what's in your mind before you do that and see what she says, what she wants and what she's willing to wait for.


As for you, find out why you feel you need such lust and close your eye to it.

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well first congrats on being normal. We all in one way or another think about or plan what we will do and say to people every day of our lives the key is to be restrained in acting on our thoughts. We think about what we will say if he or she says this or that. we plan entire conversations out and encounters in or heads so to say that a fantasy is wrong well I cant. Most people are allways sizeing up someone or something from cars and jobs to people its normal to the exstreme. Futher let me say that looking and doing are two different things. The old saying is that just becuse im married doesnt mean im dead. just be kind enough not to look at and think about the opposite sex while with your gf, If you find this hard then and only then evaluate your relationship.

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