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Strengthening the arms? upper body?

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Well yeah, I'm still young, 16 (I just turned 16 half a month ago) - but I'm looking to find a way to basically increase the strength and stability in my upper body. I'm not built obviously, and I'm not really skinny - somewhere in the middle if you can imagine

Also the thing is, strangely I sort of shake when holding heavy things. My arm/wrist/hand is unstable and shaking. I always thought it as weak upper body and stronger lower body, (because my legs/foot are alot stronger/balanced than my upper body) so basically I'm looking to even out. I plan to join a fitness centre in a month or two - but I came here first on some advice on how to .


Help/advice would be great, Thanks.

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As I am a rugby player I need a strong upper body. My advice is to take it slowly maybe do some box pushups and try maybe not livting dumbells but maybe something quite heavy. Also you need to break after lifting sessions maybe a day or two to let as the muscle builds while it heals.

Just keep it up.

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personally i'm hooked on power yoga. yoga is a great way to balance out the muscles in your body and would help with your weak wrists/arms.


you could also lift weights - start slow, nothing too heavy or you'll just hurt yourself and get frustrated. You can find all kinds of good arm exercises online.


best of luck to ya! even though i'm a girl, i like having arm muscles - it really helps with a lot of day to day activities, and I think you'll start to notice a different in the way you feel when you exercise reguraly.

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