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Guys, please help. SO APPRECIATED..


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Hey everyone... this is long but PLEASE read and help me


ok. I've always had a very irregular period - often skipping months at a time - however for the past few months I've been relatively regular, getting a period around the same time each month.


A week and a day ago, I was at a party and got very very intoxicated. I was sick for seriously about 3 hours straight. When I started sobering up I realized that I had started my period - right around the correct time. It was light, bright pink and hardly started but when i wiped it was definitely definitely there. A few hours later I was sober and the period was still light so I figured it would be ok to mess around with my boyfriend


I had sex for the first time and it was more like an experiment. We didn't use protection - yes, I know, idiotic decision, but he did NOT cum inside OR outside of me. As a matter of fact he had already cum once from other [safe] activity.


Being a virgin, I definitely bled as a result of having my "cherry popped."


The next day I woke up expecting my full period but seeing that I had nothing. That day there was nothing except ONE time I wiped and it was brown, kind of creamy.


Then that was it - the period is gone. I know that since a. I had started and b. he didn't cum our chances are very low but how in God's name do you explain the entire disappearance of a period?? Is my body just on overload from getting sick that night, having a few nights of no sleep and now worrying about this?? Any chance that egg could have been fertilized?? If you think I'm not pregnant when should I expect my period?


PLEASE HELP. 10 million thanks in advance...

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Sometimes intercourse can throw off your period. So can stress.


If you're really worried, call your doctor or Planned Parenthood and they can probably straighten things out for you.


You're fine.


You may think about asking to be put on birth control. Once I got on the pill, my periods became like clockwork. I know the exact day it will start and how long it will last.

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YEs stresscan stop a period. I mean after I had sex with my ex for the first time. She got really scared and was 3 weeks late for her period as the stress of thinking she was pregnant made her period late, if you get where im coming from. After I calmed her down and stuff 1 day later she was back on as if by magic.


And you can still get pregnant even if the man does not ejaculate, especialy if your saying that night he had allready had an orgasm. As sperm will reside in all the tubs and stuff, and "precum" contains small amounts of sperm and will carry the sperm still inside him. So don't ever not use protection.


But im sure its all ok especialy as he did not "cum" inside you and hopefully you were far enough through your period to be at you least fertile point.

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Let me tell you that you can get pregnant at any time of the month, including when you are on your period. Aside from that, there are ALOT of STD's out there that have no symptoms, but that can wreck your fertility, or even kill you. You should ALWAYS wear a condom. All it takes is one time.


You should get tested, and from now on don't be foolish and keep protection with you and use it if you are going to have sex.


Regret at being careless isn't going to prevent pregnancy or AIDS.

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Trust me - I understand all the risks. This wasn't some random hook-up, so STDs are not a problem. My boyfriend and I were both virgins, we've been together for a year now. I know what we did was definitely not smart - mucchhh regret for that part of it. It may seem like I deserve the STD lecture but seriously, my boyfriend doesn't have AIDS / any STDs known to doctors - we have both been checked out.


What I was concerned about was the pregnancy issue. I *know* I can get pregnant any time of the month - I just was wondering what my chances were given my specific circumstances ...

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