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me and my bf have been going out for almost 11 months that is his longest relationship n this is my first, anywayz we went out for 7 months n then he moved to colorado(i live in maryland) n i love him very very much n he loves me(as far as i know, weve had some pastr problems that messed us up sometimes) n hes almost 17 n im 15 n people say were too young n were not going to last n will never make it...but i want it to last forever n i dont know what to think anymore it's like its just us fighting to stay togetehr when the whole world wants to watch us fall....and i just want some peoples opinions as to what u think, if we will last or not...and the problems that we had are resolved now...but yea....plz help me,we love each other n i need some support that people do believe that long distance relationships do last....

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