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should I make a move


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So, there's a works do on Friday night and there's this girl I've liked for some time. I want to make a move on her. But there are two problems: firstly, I don't know her all that well and haven't spoken to her all that much. Secondly, I made a rather unsuccessful attempt to pull her mate several months ago, the result of which was some bitterness (not between me and girl I'm after I should add).


What should I do? I don't want this girl to feel like 2nd choice because, if anything, I prefer her. Also, how can I make a move bearing in mind I don't talk to her that often at work? Part of me feels that I should maybe walk away. Anyone wanna convince me otherwise? It's just I've built up an unhealthy desire for her.

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Why do you want to "pull" her?

I wouldn't concentrate on "pulling" her but on getting to know her a little and then deciding if you would like to get to know her more.


I think this is better for her too because she would like to get to know someone before she is "pulled"... so it's going to be in your interest to do this I think.


I don't exactly know what you mean by "pull" lol (I have my own impressions of it...), but how about you just talk to her, find out if you actually like her and if she likes you and if you do get her number and ask her out sometime.

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