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How can I say it without being mean

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Hi Guys, I recently got my own place and I love living on my own. One of my friends is going through a hard time with her roomates, and is moving out of her place. She asked if she could move with me for a while. I don't mind if she stays for a few days or even a month, but I really don't want anyone staying for a long time. I'm afraid if she comes she will stay as long as she feels, as i said i dont mind if she stays for a while, how can I express that she can stay for a while but not forever, and also, what if she says she only stay for a little bit, but she stays longer? I don't want to kick her out, but what if?

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being honest with her is the best. tell her that your not looking for a roomate but she can stay for a few weeks until she finds a new place. sometimes when we help friends and family they extend their stay which in turn, can ruin the relationship. i've seen it happen so i can understand your concerns. if you can't say no then maybe try and help her find somewhere else to go. can she go home with her parents. maybe help her find a basement apt to rent.

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