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well life is taking an interesting turn

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Here are the events that have been happening in the last month!


On December 14, 2005 my car was totalled, a tree fell on it. I was in bed luckily, when it happened.


Well I didnt have a car for about a week, and I live about an hour away from work! So I had to hop rides with my sister to work, then a friend who I work with picked meup and took me to work.


Then on December 20, 2005 I bought my favorite car a 2005 Honda Accord. And the dealership told me they need documentation that the Gap Insurance (it pays off the remaining balance of your car, if it get totalled) is going to pay my car off. I spent about 2 horus a day on the phone with my finance company, to get the documentation I needed to submit to the Gap Insurance comapny. Well I cussed everyone out on the phone until I got what I needed. i finally submitted it to the Gap Insurance Company. And I found out yesterday that they denied the claim, because I refinanced the car, with another company. Well I didnt read the contract completely so Its my fault.


Also On December 22, 2005 my boyfriend broke up with me, because he didnt see the relationship working out so he ended it. Well On December 24th, 2005 he called and stated he missed me. Well we got back together.


On December 26, 2005 I got pink eye. So yeah that was just nasty, very uncomfortable. On the 27th I finally got to the Dr. it was starting to clear up, then on December 28, 2005 The pink eye spread from the left eye to the right eye. So yeah missed 2 days of work.


So right now, I am waiting to hear if I get to keep the Honda, and if not, then I will have to prolly quit my job becuase I wont have a ride down to Atlanta to go to work.


So yeah, I am losing alot of crap at once.


If I keep the honda, and if I dont I am just declaring bankruptcy, because I am tired of righting to keep my credit in good standing. I feel like such a failure because I cant keep all my bills current. I have been late on bills but never not paid them.


So soon the harassment will start.


Great Start to a new year!


Oh and I just want to cry!


Sorry that this was long, I just needed to get this out. I just want to scream!

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Whoa, what a series of events, I'm so sorry.


I think it is a good opportunity for you to start anew... I don't mean by getting a new job or moving to some far away land, I just mean having a new positive attitude and confidence and hope and determination.

I'd see this as something that will make you stronger, you just need to take all of the positives out of it.

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I agree ya'll I do need to stay positive.


I am honestly thinking of just declaring bankruptcy, because I did charge up quite alot. Maybe only 4,000 in credit cards, then I also owe the balance on my car. I took on 2 jobs and my full time job, to pay off my debt. But I am honestly thinking of just declaring, and starting new. And not get any cards. Just build my credit by my car. (the new one I just bought)


And using the money I would make and go to school.


So I am just trying to make the best out of the situation!

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