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weird situation

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This is so strange!!! my two sons came up to visit me for the holidays. my oldest son came up with his gf of four years. this was the first time i have ever met her. she seemed to be more attached to my youngest son then my oldest son (who is her bf) she would always sit really close to my youngest son and put her legs up on his lap, she even sat on his lap a few times. the funny thing was that it didn't seem to bother my oldest son at all. all the relatives even thought she was with my youngest son. she was very unappropiate and most of the time i thought that she might be taken drugs.

We went to a family party and all three of them ended up getting really drunk and on the way home. my oldest son got arrest for drinking and driving. he spent the night in jail until he sobered up. i swear to god that while my oldest son was in jail. that the other two slept together. i'm not sure what to think or what i want to believe but i suspect that my yougest son and my oldest sons girlfriend are taking some serious drugs.

their was always a incident at the bar where we were sitting at the table and a bunch of guys came up to the table and starting throwing large amounts of money on the table. i suspected that it was for drugs. should i confront them with my suspisions?

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There could be something in it with your youngest son, especially if he's like your oldest. I once dated a girl and became very close to her younger sister, as they were so alike. I never crossed the boundary but did date her some time after I split with her sister.

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