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Straight guy having bi-sexual curiosities

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I am an 18 year old male. I have always been a pretty straight guy, had a few girlfriends, had sex with girls etc. A few times I have experimented with friends with circle jerks, sucking each others penises and participating in mutual anal penetration which was always fun but it was just a quick way to get off. We weren't attempting to "make love" or anything.

Recently I have been having some fantasies about my English teacher, he's a tall man, muscular, blond hair, blue eyes and very athletic. I continue having this fantasy in which I am staying after for "detention" and he is telling me how I am his ffavorite student but he is beginning to get "disappointed" with my behavior. I ask him if I can do anything to make up for it and he asks me what I think I can do. He stands close to me and I put my hands on his belt and pull down his pants, he is wearing fresh whitie-tighties and his penis is bulging through the fabric. I pull down his underwear and his BIG 9 inch penis falls out semi-erect. I take it into my mouth and begin to suck it gently but applying much pressure with my tongue as if I'm sucking on a popsicle, a very large popsicle. He moans and says he is going to cum and without warning he erupts into my waiting mouth as I continue sucking and swallow every drop of his juice.

Amazingly he is already replenished and able to go again so using my saliva as lubrication, he takes me by the hips and stands me up. He pulls down both my pants and underwear and bends me over his desk telling me what a bad boy I've been. He inserts his giant monster into my tiny hole and pushes a little bit in at a time. I feel it stretch and burn a little and get that uncomfortable feeling that comes when you have a very long penis inside you, almost like going to the bathroom backwards lol, sorry, only way I can describe it. It hurts but I want it so bad because I know it is making him feel good. Our bodies are touching the entire time as he lays on my back making very small, gentle and intimate thrusts inside me and without saying a word I feel splashes upon splashes of hot, oozing liquid FILL up my cavity as he collapses on my back, his penis still pulsating inside my anus. I am getting incredibly aroused as I type this story to the point of pre-cum building on the head of my penis. Recently I've been toying with the idea that I'm bi-sexual but I know that men reach their sexual peak when they are 18 and that many men have homoerotic/bi-sexual experiences in college, do you think I may be a bi-sexual or just very confused and horny? help!



Sorry if the story was a bit graphic!

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Eh ... let's see.


You've had some bisexual/gay sexual experiences (I use the word "gay" because while "bisexual" is a useful orientational descriptor, there really isn't any such thing as "bisexual sex" ... sex itself and relationships are either straight or gay) in real life, and you enjoyed them, but they weren't relationships. And you have this rather sexual gay fantasy about your teacher.


I would say you're definitely "curious", perhaps "confused" about your sexuality, which at your age is not uncommon.


To me, the trick as to whether you are bisexual (or gay for that matter) is also whether you are romantically attracted to other men. Have you gotten a crush on another guy like you have with girls, for example? Have you been infatuated with another guy ever? Have you been attracted to another guy in terms of wanting to get together with him, the way you have been to girls in the past? All those questions are important, to me, in helping you discern whether you are sexually curious or perhaps somewhat bisexual.

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Okay, you could have spared us all the details...Telling us you had a sexual fantasy about your professor would have sufficed...lol.


Anyway, are you really serious or actually seeking advice? Because if you are fantasizing about your teacher and giving mutual oral and anal sex to your budies then you definitely have some bisexual tendencies...


Are you only attracted to men physically, as in only wanting the sex part of the relationship...or is there something more?

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It's merely a physical attraction, the thought of a relationship, going on dates with men or even kissing a man on the lips turns me off in a major way. I just sometimes get these urges to suck another man's penis and feel him cum in my mouth and sometimes to participate in anal penetration either giving or recieving, I'm not a big fan of recieving and cannot see myself doing it on a regular basis which is another reason I do not believe I am a homosexual. I should have mentioned that as well, my thoughts were similar to novaseeker's in that my age is a large factor in my sexual curiosity, is this simply a hormonal urge?

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It could be.

I have to admit - I couldn't finish reading your post, it was a little too graphic (understatement)

Tone it down and you could be a romance novel author...


Anyway, I don't think you should be so caught up in labelling yourself.

Just be yourself.


Would you consider being in a relationship with a man?

Edit: That's not a proposition, BTW... (

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Well, it could be a hormonal urge...However, I could understand if you were indulging in this kind of sex play around the ages of 12-15 to simply label it as experimentation...

But you've said you've been doing it before. Are you really put off by the idea of being in a relationship with another guy or do you fear what society as a whole may think of you?

Because you could be bisexual, simply because anal sex and fellatio with other men is not exactly "heterosexual" behavior.

Well, it's the whole Kinsey scale thing. Some people know they're gay and some know they're straight...You maybe inbetween.

Well, I think it is good that you are exploring your sexuality if you are confused about it. Infact it's healthy to do so...


I'm not a big fan of recieving and cannot see myself doing it on a regular basis which is another reason I do not believe I am a homosexual.


Believe it or not alot of gay men do not indulge in anal sex at all...Whether it be giving or receiving.




I just read your fantasy again, and you are a good erotica writer...lol.

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Yeah. To me a line between sexual curiosity and real bisexuality/homosexuality is whether you get crushes/emotional/relational attraction to people of the same sex or not ... and understanding whether or not your thoughts about not being attracted to that are genuine or based on fear as Foxlocke suggests.

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Very true, FoxLocke that's an interesting point regarding whether it is society's standards that are forcing me to believe the things I believe but I know for a fact that intimacy in a male "relationship" turns me off. Like I said, even kissing a guy on the lips turns me off in a major way, I could never hold hands, kiss, make out and "make love" to a man. It's simply the feelings of having a penis in my mouth that I enjoy and jerking off another man sometimes. I don't know what it is about it honestly, I love to deep throat and suck for long periods of time and see the sense of satisfaction on another guy's face as he watches me do it. I'm really confused but I know for a fact that romantically I could NEVER have a gay relationship.

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I think it gets semantical as to whether you mean "bisexual" in terms of pure sexual practice/activity or in terms of relational/affectional orientation. Some would say if you like to have sex with men and women, you're "bisexual" in activity because you enjoy sex with both sexes. Others would say that you're "bisexual" in orientation only if you are actually drawn to relationships with both men and women to some degree. It comes down to whether one intends "bisexual" to be a descriptor only of sexual activity, or of relational/effectional orientation as well. For example, when we say someone is "straight" does that mean they have sex exclusively with people of the opposite sex, or does it mean they are also drawn to relationships with people of the opposite sex ... it's a definitional discussion as to whether the relational aspect is included or excluded from one's definition of "orientation".


I wouldn't say you are "straight" if you enjoy having sex with men, even if that is purely sexual and without any emotional attraction. But as to whether you are sexually curious or to some degree bisexual or whatever, is a matter of labels and definitions. If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about labels, however, because you won't find all that much agreement about them.

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But does that make me BI-SEXUAL to get off with both women and men or does it make me straight because I could only LOVE and MAKE love to a woman and just have spur-of-the-moment fun with a guy?


My straightdar tells me you aren't straight at all. Your fantasy tells me I certainly am. Yikes!

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My straightdar tells me you aren't straight at all. Your fantasy tells me I certainly am. Yikes!

If I had a "Straightdar" I think it would be saying near the same thing.


I do agree that fantasy with all its graphic content and the fact of what you've explained, it most certainly isn't straight activity, by no means is that straight. Yet I don't classify it as true Gay because you stated there is no romantic thoughts behind any of it, just sex.


As much as I hate classifying people by labels, you remind me slightly of those in a survey I read which represented Gay men and men whom identified as Men who sleep with Men. I believe you're Bisexual for lack of a better description word, or your hormones are in a frenzy phase.


It seems like you're doing this strictly for sexual gratification yet it almost seems like there is a hint of being phobic, that you may be gay despite all this. I could be wrong but by the way you write this I have the impression you'll go as far as Oral Sex and what not but refuse to acknowledge anything beyond that point as it is related to physical activity.


Heterosexual I'd define as those which are on a strict male/female level with both love and sex.

Homosexual defined as strict same sex love and sex relationships.

Bisexual, I prefer to define as a balanced portion between the above where there is no strict basis, yet in this case I think it would only be appropriate to squeeze it in because on one side you'd have a livid group calling yourself straight with such activity, then on the other side you'd have a near equivalent calling yourself gay.


Bisexual I assume, just my opinion of course, if you wish to label yourself.

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Yea, nova I think you're right, that's an interesting concept in that it gets to a point where it's all about what label you decide to draw up for the characteristics you possess. I guess I would consider myself heterosexual with bi-sexual tendencies then. Thanks for the help

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Do you really care about labels? The fact is that you have sex with women and you have performed oral sex on men and fantasize about being a receiver. If you go by labels, then you are bi. If you don't care about labels, then you just like what you like. I think you might find your middle ground with a transgender woman.

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