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Losing my best friend

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So today is day 6 of no contact....almost made it a week. My goal....4 weeks. I still have all my stuff at his house...and if nothing else...I hope for something else but I do want my stuff back.


I feel that I'm losing not only my ex fiance but I'm losing my best friend. I hope no contact was the way to go. I can't be his friend not anytime soon because of everything we did together romantically i can't feel the same for him.


I want him to love me the way he use to so i have to give him what he wants. Space with out me around to complain when he is with another girl...must be the life for him.


He even admitted that these girls will never be as good to him as I was...whatever that means...apparently I wasn't enough but yeah just needed to vent alittle. NO CONTACT SUCKS!!!

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Hi Nikkers!


Yes, NC is very very hard...but I have been following your story since the summer...you are doing the right thing. It's for your own good and doing things for our own good is always very tough.


You are doing great. You have 6 days under your belt...as each day goes by, it will get easier. The first week is always hard because you are breaking a habit, doing something new, and it feels awkward. it will start to feel less awkward as each day goes by.


Surround yourself with friends and family. They are a great support. And come here too. Let us know how you are doing.

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Be proud of yourself for getting past the first 6 days. It requires GREAT strength. If you can realize this, and understand that it is only making you stronger, no matter how much it hurts, then each day will hurt less.


I know its easy for someone on the outside looking in to say, as I havent been able to find the same strength as of yet. But reading about success, even in the early stages gives me hope.


STAY STRONG. Its all for a reason, even though we may not understand what that reason is.

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