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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four months now. This is his first serious relationship, and my third. Im also the first person he has had sex with.


After my last relationship ended I planned to be alone for a bit, spend time with myself, and reflect. When I did date again I wanted to avoid being with a virgin, or someone who had not had a relationship. Of course because I didnt want that, I met an awesome guy who was both a virgin and forever single. We clicked, and from there everything happened rather fast, and I love him very much, but I just feel there are things I didnt know when I should have.


In the end I want to ask what your views on dating a beginner are. The reason I didnt want date someone who had not had a relationship is because I feel that it will end because he will sooner or later want to experience something else. He does not know how to handle many things, and I try to help him, but at the same time the reason that I wanted to avoid this is so I could try to find a very solid new relationship.


Has anyone gone through something similar? I would like to hear about it.

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My boyfriend of two years now had had previous sexual partners, and I was a virgin when I started going out with him.


It is difficult when you have waited for the right person but your partner kinda hasn't, and you know they have been with others, it does make you think about if they were better than you etc etc.


To date he is still the only person I have had sex with and I don't see myself with any other partner.


I think that you should talk this over with him. See what his problems/anxieties are about having sex and try and work these through with him. It can be difficult for a first timer being with someone who has more experience, but over time they do learn to get over it and live with it. I don't hate him or regret him having previous gfs, I wasn't in his life then, but I did talk this over and he understood why I felt the way I did.


Let him set the pace with this and see when and if he is ready to commit to you. Losing your virginity is a very significant thing for a lot of people and you need to be certain you are losing it to the right person..

I guess that's from the virgin's perspective!

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