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How come it's hard for me to get girls to talk to me? instead of the other way around

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Only a few girls ever say hi to me or hug me, but I see it happen to other people. It's always me that starts talking to them never the other way around.


I talk to girls lots of times, and it doesn't seem they hate me or are disinterested in the conversation and I haven't heard that either, but they just never talk to me, I always go up and talk to them.


I can talk to girls I've met recently. I can't always have something to say to girls I already know though. I'll walk by them in the hall, and neither of us say hi. But I see them say hi to other people, and they don't say much else so they don't really care about conversation, it's just they never talk to me.

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I have the same problem, maybe we're just not to interesting..

That's what's weird. They seem like they're interested, and I've talked to girls who didn't want to talk to me, so I know what it seems like.


Plus I haven't heard anything about any girls disliking me.

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Maybe if you take note of something that is of personal interest to each of them, then even if you have known them for a while, you will still have something to talk about.


An example might be: find out what hobby they participate in, then if you keep an eye on things to do with that hobby, you can say... hey did you see xxxxxx.


I was pretty shy in my teenage years, and this technique worked for me. I ended up having heaps of really close female friends.


Another thing that helped me, was to learn to watch for the subtle things about how girls interact, and their body language. Being able to notice when one of them is having a bad day, and going up to them and saying something nice really makes a huge difference. They will remember it!


Oh yeah... I almost forgot... don't talk about yourself unless they specifically ask you stuff. Girls hate it when guys just dribble on about themselves. Ask questions about her, or things shes interested in, they love that

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Whenever I notice girls having bad days, if I say something nice they just say thanks and carry on with their mood. If I ask them what's wrong, they never want to talk about it.


I don't talk about myself much, even around friends but I'll try to focus on that.

Thanks for the tips.

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