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What is this guy thinking!!!!!!....is he messed??

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Hey everyone,


I have a problem with an X bf, a few weeks ago he told me that he wanted things to work out and he his feelings towards me were more than 'like'.


Anyway, we spent awhile hanging out and talking, it went well. He got me a new sim card for my phone becasue my dad took my old one due to people calling me and harrasing me.


Well, he gave me the sim card and its like he disappeared!! ...I mean i have messaged him but he hasnt replyed and i called him once and he said he was busy and would call me later, but he never did!


I dont know whats wrong with him!!!


We spoke on the internet afew days ago and i asked him what was wrong, he said he had alot on his plate, so I said ok, im here if you wanna talk to someone. He said 'nah, thats ok'!!!!


I spoke to him yesterday on the interent again, I really wanted to know if he still wants to talk to me, When I asked him, he didnt reply for ages and then finally said "yeh, i want to talk to you as a friend" .....seriously after all that he turns around and says he wants to be friends! This guy feels like he can walk into my life whenever he wants, minipulate me and then turn away!


what should I do??? Ive tried NC, after awhile he always contacts me....

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