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need some basic info...

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alright...new years eve i met someone that i think is fantastic. we talked for a couple of hours before she retired for the night, and i remember that we had alot in common from musical interests to movies and books. being the classic man, i didn't catch any signals (maybe because i was drunk... but my friend IM'd me the next day saying that she was interested. from what i remember in talking to this woman was that she has never been in a relationship. i got out of one in august and i'm willing to give another relationship a try.


so, heres what i would like to know...my friend gave me her IM name the other night, so i Im'd her. before the conversation was over she agreed to grab lunch/early dinner with me, and gave me her phone number. so far so good i think. how should i proceed from here? i don't want to seem over anxious, but i'm not sure when to call her to set a date up to go out. this is my first real try at a date and i don't really wanna mess things up on my end...any advice will help, and ask any question that you think are necessary, and i'll try to answer the best i can.

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