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Just curious....

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Hi all - I was just curious - when you start dating someone, how long before you introduce them to your friends, and they introduce you to theirs? (Assuming that you two met over the internet and have no mutual friends.)


Hey Annie!


With J & I, I first met some of his friends about two week into it, right before I went on a trip he invited me to play pool with another couple. From there we just...took it as it came up and had no qualms either way. Of course you also know we moved faster on many things that is not normal for most couples!


I would say that there should be some casual meetings at least by a few weeks into it though, like at parties, or get togethers. Like some more involvement in one anothers life.

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Not an easy question. I think it is all about how each of you feels. You should have some thought that it might last.


I once met her family within a few weeks, and we burnt out in a few months.


Once, she really never met my friends, for six months, but never met some of them, and we went on for a little over a year.


If I made a rough guess, anything inside of a month is too little. Anything over a few months, and one of you will think you are a secret. So, rough guess, and this depends on the individual, most of us should be about two months.

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I think the time is right when you know a little more about each other - likes, dislikes etc....


There is no time frame, just depends how comfortable you are with each other. I have sometimes introuduced men to my friends, family etc after only a couple of days - I just felt comfortable with them.

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