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A girlfriend gone. A friendship greatly missed.

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For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I enjoyed talking to my ex more than anything. The other stuff was great; the sex, our routines, our spontaneity, etc, but I really miss the friendship.


For someone to know so much about you is great, but can be very painful in the end.


My last relationship was tied together by support, more from my side of the room. However, I simply achieved the ability to provide support and expect nothing in return. I think it is a good thing.


But, in reflection, the connection my ex talked about seems like it wasn't exactly that great. If it were, the post-break up phase would involve me missed the heck out of her shoulder, her support, etc., but really, I can only get mad at supporting her so much.


Back and forth. Back and forth.


I once heard someone say that we should marry or settle down with people we love talking to...because that will always survive the test of time.


My ex and I will never be friends, she ended it too ugly. It was fueled by great emotion.


So what now with it.


Does anyone have a good outcome stories or ways to absorb and accept a relationship & friendship lost?





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all i can say is never say never. Their are too many incidents in life that occur that go unexplained. If life is goverend by some divine plan, then never is a word that neednt be used.


i feel your pain, and sorry u feel u two can not be friends, but one day your feelings may change. They may not.


don't like to believe things are set in stoneThings change, people change and what was once one way maybe something entirely different another day.


Take what you want and leave the rest.


best of luck to you.


be well,


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My ex and I are working on our friendship. Last time we ate together she even commented on my positive outlook.

It takes a bit of effort to overlcome the pain, the sense of betrayal and humiliation, but it's worth it. I hope she feels the same. Understanding, acceptance and forgiveness are key.


Not all is sweetness and light. It's hard to let go of her in many ways, and I get angry.... but not at her.

Love stinks.

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