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first kiss-help please!!

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I was scared on my first kiss, your not the only one! But it does come naturally!! Honest! The 1st kiss might seem a little "eerrrw" at first, but while your kissing just think about the person that you are doing it with NOT the kiss itself, and it will feel ALOT better, you wont feel as shy either. Make sure you are not kissing at the same time, do it so you are kissing alternately (open your mouth when he/she closes theirs). heop it helps x x x x

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Well, how you approach it depends on if you are the guy or gal. And it changes with age.


If you are the guy, you should try at different times during the night to get your face close to ehrs, when you are jsut talking to see how she reacts. If she reacts positively, say with a little smile or a longing look, then great. Go for it.


If you are the gal, let him to do this.


When it comes to the right time, he should lean in slow, most of the way, and wait for her to do just a bit on her own. As soon as she leans in, go for it, gently press your lips together and kiss. Nothing more to it.


Keep your tongue in your mouth for the firs tone.

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ok sorry i didnt go into specifics earlier but i was pushed for time...

so...me and my boyfriend have been together for a month now and we are both serious about each other...im 15 and hes 16...i feel as if it is time for us to move on in our relationship and i think he does too. the farthest we gone is snuggling on the couch and holding hands...i rest my read on his shoulder and we look into each others eyes and i feel like we are about to kiss but we never do...


1. When we finally do kiss...HOW do i kiss...step by step maybe!?

2. How can i get him to kiss me when we are close like this?


any help is very much appreciated!

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Well, if you wanna know how to get him to kiss you when you're face to face on the couch, you could always go in for the kill yourself. I quick peck on the lips just to test the water. If he response in a positive manner, lean in for another.


Kissing is no big deal. I know that when you're 15 it does seem like a HUGE deal, but once you've finally gotten that first one out of the way, you'll understand that its nothing to worry about.


Will you be his first kiss also? If so, you REALLY have nothing to sweat about. It'll be a learning process for both of you & you wont have to be worried about being compared to someone else.


But as someone else suggested, don't french on the first kiss. Lips only. After that you can advance to a little open mouth kissing.. but the first should be closed mouth only

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Here's a tip that worked for me.

Don't anticipate it. Don't think, nor stress over it.


Just be comfortable with him.. it's much easier than you think. Basic kissing involves little to no talent nor experience.. But as you move up the charts, you'll need experience, which you'll gain as you grow.


It sounds like you two are a great couple. Your life doesn't depend on this, so just relax and take things as they come. I guarantee once you do it, you'll be relieved and amazed as to how little it really was.


Good Luck

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It's not what you want to hear, but its true. It comes naturally.


Ok, stay with me now. Don't just dismiss what I'm saying. I have a story.


I got my first kiss last summer. Yes, took 22 and a half years, but I got it. Thing is, the girl I had it with, we had an interesting relationship that had many ups and downs. I had been wanting to kiss her for months, and she had wanted me to as well. But I was so scared of it. I was scared of putting my heart out there like that. I was scared of what would happen, if she would like it, just scared of everything. So I could never get up the nerve to kiss her. When I finally did, it came after spending hours just holding her and cuddling with her. We looked at each other, and could just feel it was right. So I stopped thinking and just kissed her. And it was perfect.


Moral of the story, when I was thinking about it and worrying about what to do, I made myself more nervous. So nervous, I couldn't kiss her. But when I stopped thinking and worrying and just went with the flow, I experienced the best feeling I had in my life to that point.


There really isn't any step by step guide on kissing. Oh, you can find pointers and long guides telling you to do this with your tongue, put your arms here, and so on..... but when you come to the actual moment, those thoughts don't stick with you. Instead, just relax, stay calm, and live in the moment. Don't worry about what you are doing, just do it. You'll do just great.

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