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Emotionally close?

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Have you ever felt that you are emotionally very close to someone who is just a not-that-close friend?


I'm not sure if there's something wrong with me, it seems I feel emotionally very close to certain friends that I almost feel the need to contact them every 2 to 3 days. Does it mean that I have developed an emotional attachment for them? (But this doesn't make sense because I'm not close friends with them.)


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Well, it could be that in your childhood that if you didnt speak to that many people and now you do, it could be a sense of wanting to keep these people close to you (even though you dont know them that well) and it could also be that you are grateful for them speaking to you/being friends with you. Theres nothing to worry about! x x x

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I'm like that too! I feel there is something wrong if I don't talk to certain people everyday or 2. When I mentioned this to one of the people I feel "attached" to, they just thought I was weird because they didn't want to speak to me everyday!



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