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wow... still freaking out

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ok, so I posted yesturday about how me and my bf had sex for the first time new year's eve and the condom broke. Everyone here said to get the morning after pill.... so he was going to take me yesturday. I called after I got off work to find out exactly where they were, and THEY WERE CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY!!!! God, now I"m freaking out even more. I don't love this guy... not yet... but I don't believe in abortion... I'm so frickin scared... hopefully it's not too late...

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I dunno... I guess it makes me sad that I may be destroying even a "potential baby"... I'll always wonder... we talked about abortion in one of my classes in college, and I was always so convinced that if you're old enough to have sex, you're old enough to suffer the consequences and at least give the baby to someone who can't have babies.... I dunno, I just feel like such a hypocryte... like I feel so strongly about something until it happens to me...

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That depends whom you talk to...the MAP basically tries to prevent ovulation. It does not operate like RU-486 which actually causes a miscarriage. So while it does not cause a miscarriage, some would consider it to still be wrong, and similarly some would consider condoms and the birth control pill wrong for preventing fertilization or ovulation. But if that does not work, it will also attempt to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting. Some would consider this abortion too.


Also a high chance it would not fertilize or be viable too, most pregnancies miscarry, many before they are ever even known about.


It's something only you can answer for yourself. What I believe is irrelevant to what is right for you. I suggest you do some research on the MAP to decide if it's right for you.

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nikkers04- What you say is technically true. I believe I read once that on a women's most fertile day of the month there is a 70% chance of getting pregnant. Don't forget about Murphy's Law though!! I had sex once without a condom. Guess what I have? A four year old!


shorty04- Was the condom you were using lubricated with spermicide? Not that it's nearly as effective in preventing pregnancy but it would still help.


The MAP prevents a fertilized egg from implanting itself in the lining of the uterus. When do YOU consider an embryo a baby? At the moment of conception? When the heart starts beating? When it looks like a baby?

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