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This doesnt make sense...

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Me and my gf have been goin out for a while, and its all good. Now before and during a regular kiss my main man down there is erect, and then well gradually start making out and i no longer have an erection... it disappears.Grrr i dunno, i love her and all but once we start makin out theres nothin there. this is really iritating, and im wondering if its ever happened to anyone else, or what the hecks happenin. >_

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Perhaps when you get the erection it makes it more conscious in your mind and that causes you to be nervous or feel extra pressure to keep it hard. That pressure or nerves makes it harder to stay erect.


Really, you can't control things down there. It has a mind of its own. So the best thing is to not worry about it and just concentrate on enjoying the make out session. If you relax and enjoy yourself, you won't have any problems.

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