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kissing w/ piercings poll

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hey i have a tongue piercing and am considering getting a lip piercing... just wondering gennerally how guys feel about it while making out? my ex thought it felt cool, but some others ive dated didnt say much and i was wondering if a lot of guys dont like piercings? like should i take it out b4 making out? guys opinions would be helpful on this (im a girl) but if other girls posted that might be helpful in case there are guys wondering...


also tell me if i should get the lip piercing done cos im not sure.

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First, I like your name: I think Rocket Queen is one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Second, I'm a guys and I'm not a big fan of piercings. I can't imagine it making a big difference either way, makeoutwise. When I see a girl with too many piercings I wonder if her family is messed up or if she never feels like she gets enough attention. On the other hand, a piercing can draw attention to parts of your face that are particularly cute (I have a friend with a cute button nose and her nose piercing brings attention to it).

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Okay, i'm not a guy... but i've always wanted to make out with someone with a tongue ring, hahaha. lip/tongue piercings = HOT!!


I do have a guy FWB though who has his lip pierced. Its a bit weird - you don't really even notice it, except sometimes.. but then again, his is a little spike in the middle of his lower lip, not a lip *ring* or anything. It sorta turns me on when I do notice it though, although it doesn't really make that much of a difference. But then again, i'm a girl and I think i have a piercing fetish lol.


My friend recently got her lip pierced... people seem to be 50/50 about it, either hate facial piercings or love it. Its all up to you really.. if you reckon it'll suit ya, go for it!

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thanks 4 the input guys. i think i'll wait a bit before getting the lip piercing to be sure i want to get it. cos like you said arrowsmith about piercings drawing attention to nice parts of your body, one of my friends thinks i should go ahead with it, cos i have a "pretty mouth"... (whatever that means, right?) but another thinks i shouldnt cos it wouldnt look good.


and yeah rocket queen is an awesome song.

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Different people will have different preferences. Personally, I would prefer no piercing, but others may find it very thrilling. So ask the person you are with and see what they prefer. Or you could try it the way you are more comfortable and then see how he responds and ask which he prefers.

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i always wanted to make out with someone with a tongue ring and whenI finally did, it wasnt much different.... and as for the lip ring, i dont see a big difference except for i cant bite their lip cuz i'm afraid i'll hurt them :S And too many peircings can look kinda trashy...


Oh and be careful cuz if you get a metal ring, it will chip your teeth... its happened to all of my friends w/ lip rings.

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