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i know you guys are going to hate me for posting again

i can't help it

i'm just really upset

j put up a new picture on his friendster account. it's of his and this cute blonde chick and one of my friends on new years eve.

i know i shoujldn't care. i had a blast on nye. was in ny with a really cute date. but it just hurt. i know he put that picture up for my eyes to see. i was so close to calling him when i saw it. but i didn't.

but it really hurt. i probably deserved it. i have tons of pics of me and other guys that i've put up since we broke up. but that really really hurt.

and i was just thinking i should take down the pics of the other guys. now i'm not so sure.

i know i shouldn't have checked. his profile still says single.

and i've been seeing this guy from work. but i'm still in love with j so i'm just being stupid. i'm sorry to whine about him again.

please please i hope i can find the faith in my self to move on from things i can't control.

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hey - i know you feel really hurt by this - but its just a picture after all, so just try to take your mind off it ok? I think its really important when u are getting over someone to keep as much distance as possible, don't be checking up on whether he is single or not. The longer you go without hearing from him the easier it is to get over him quickly, so i think its best u just leave it all alone... I know its hard to do but u will feel much better in the end. Hang in there girl, my heart goes out to you

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hi honey - hey - that's cool! you started dating the guy from work.


well, the girl could be just an acquaintance or a date, or something in between. but, worrying about it isn't going to get you anywhere. J's moved on, and now you have to also.... fully move on!


no more checking up on him!!!

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aww, thanks guys! i really appreciate it. i'm so sick of feeling sad aboutthis. i get so close to just giving up on myself.

one of my friends even told me i was trying too hard to get over him. i guess that's possible.

anyways. i think that girl is cuter than him.

it just really hurts. that's the first girl that he's put up in ANY of his pictures. so he must be at least interested.

i know you guys are going to hate me. but i'm going to have to ask my friend who she is and what happened.

stupid huh? i'm sure he doesnt' ask her about me.

ugh. anyways. thanks so much for not giving up on me.

i'll get there some day. i promise.

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Ah I wouldn't get too down on yourself about this. Look at me, I just talked to my ex ex tonight ....


It takes time to move on, you just have to keep going.

Whatever you do, don't contact him when you're angry. You don't want to take steps back from where you are at now. No telling why he is posting pictures, maybe he wants to show that he is moving on...

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AAAHHH! i feel so much better....

so i talked to my friend about j....the funny thing is i actually know the girl in the picture, and she's living with her boyfriend in san fran, and her boyfriend is not J.

i guess he has been seeing someone for a few weeks, but she was out of town for new years and i guess he never talked about her really and noone's met her out of that group.

PLUS! she told me she sat down with her girlfriends and talked about J, and they were all talking about how he always needs female attention, but they would never hook up with him b/c he's too awkward (he's really tall and lanky, i find it attractive, but i don't kinow). i guess they say that they think he lacks self confidence in the girl department so he has to make every little thing that he believes is something.

i guess when he lived in dc, he would make it seem that when i came into town he couldn't hang out with MY girlfriends, when i would beg him to go out sometimes so i could see them...sure i didn't like them a lot at hte time b/c j would tell me how they would flirt with him, but i still wanted to hang out with them and go ot the bars. but he made it seem like it was ME?!

and she said he thinks that he was playing us against each other so that we didn't have a chance to have fun together.

it's like, i guess every time that he goes out there, he acts likewhen he talks to people, he can't just be friends, there has to be some sort of sexual agenda.

it makes me feel better....like i'm not crazy! is that crazy!?

ugh, anyways, i have a date tomorrow night with a new guy, and maybe a dinner date with the work guy... i think the new guy would make a better friend...

for some reason i feel so relieved....at least knowing that my friend doesn't think he's all that...that's what hurts the most, thinking that they're on his side...

but i'm scared i'm gonna see a pic of him adn his new girl...

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