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Guys and girls,


All I have to say is that i finally feel great. I have been working out like crazy lately and it really has made me feel fantastic about myself. I've been realizing that my confidence has been sky rocketing through the roof. I feel that I can do almost anything. Over all I feel really good about myself. It must be true that exercise really realises endorphenes which make you feel happy. I would recommend going to the gym to everyone feeling sad and depressed. This is the first activity that really helped me along, god knows I had tried everything before. I hope my grammer is ok, I am still really jittery and hyper from working out!


Give it is try!!

It really works!!


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Congrats on that, man!


I used to be really out of shape (240 lbs or so), and through diet and exercise, I eventually cut it down to 190-ish. It does make you feel more confident, and you generally have more energy throughout the day. Of course, I overendulged over the holidays and gained several pounds, but I plan to start working out again now that the holidays are finally over.


And to those of you who have problems with getting yourself to work out-- just do it, and don't think about it. Force yourself to work out with weights and/or cardio 3-4 times a week for at least 15 minutes each time. After a few workouts you find yourself wanting to work out, especially once the results start to show.

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Yes, working out does release endorphins that help with your mood. It also makes you feel good by raising your heart rate, getting you sweating, and giving you more body confidence as that hot new body emerges


I love it. But you still need balance. Ironically however one of my New Year's Promises is to cut back on the working out and go easier on myself, as I just do WAY too much right now and it does not allow much flexibility in my schedule (I was running 4-4.5 hours week, cycle 6.5 hours, yoga 6-7 times and do weights three times a week) so I have reduced the running and cycling and yoga slightly - it's hard for me, but necessary for my recovery anyway. I was rarely getting a day off for my legs to recover, and it was hard to take a complete day off spur of the moment when needed. Since I am going back to school in the fall its more important I can move things around easier without having so much to fit in! It just was taking up so much TIME! So I am hoping now it is a little more reasonable I won't be so burned out or stressed about how to fit it all in!


Good luck, and have fun!

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