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I'm so depressed

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My friend just told me that she's pregnant and I'm happy for her and all, but I'm depressed cuz a number of my friends have a family and kids and that's what I want. I want a family right now. I'm done with tech school I'm heading the direction of my career now. (I'm kind of in it part time right now). and I do have a full time job as well. Ever since I was 17 I've known what I've wanted in my life and now I'm close to getting what I want except for the family part. I've finished my goals, except for love. I can't even find a girl in my hometown or my age. I can't take this anymore. I hate being alone, I hate not having kids now..but I want kids. ](*,)

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I'm in the same boat as you...


One of my closest friends has a 1 year old and is planning her marriage this year, and the other is pregnant and got married last year.. of course all they can talk about is marriage and babies.. I just sit there nodding and smiling.. and it hurts....


Perhaps you should move further afield and start somewhere new. As silly as it sounds, there will always be someone out there for you. And as soon as you stop caring about getting a gf, you will get one. Same thing happened to me...


Stay positive!

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I'm the only single one out of my friends (I'm 29). They're all settling down, moving in together and popping out kids. I know that I want that someday too. So often I feel like everyone's life is moving forward except mine. So often I feel like I'm on the outside looking in and that I don't really fit in anymore, that I must be missing out on something.


It's tough to meet people when all your friends are settling down and don't go out much anymore. Trust me, I feel your pain. But I do know that oneday, I will find it and it will be when the time's right. And so will you.


Maybe you could try speed dating or the internet?

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Hurry up and find a spouse so you can catch up with your friends?


My friends who did that had various results. Some are now raising the grandkids, some have lost contact with their kids, some are happy with the outcome. Even one or two are still married.


What's the rush?

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Most of us wants that in our lives. We want the loving family, good wife/husband, the kids, the house, etc. And it can be frustrating to not have it yet, especially the older we get. But it happens in its own time, when the time is right. Don't worry or obsess over what you don't have, enjoy the things you do have. You will have a family one day, and you will love having it. It's not about when it happens, its that when it does happen, it is with the right person and it makes you happy.

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