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How to get active with social events?

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I have a goal of getting out there and meeting more people this year, and "begin" the dating scene. I used to be pretty shy. Still am, but I am comfortable in conversations now. I am a pretty outgoing person when I'm around close friends, but I still have problems initiating conversations, especially with girls. For example: Last semester at community college, I would go to the cafeteria and hang out after classes, hoping to meet people. There was plenty of opportunities, but I could not bring myself to go up and talk to them. So I have a new idea!!!


I was thinking about singles events. If I went to singles events, that would remove my biggest problem....(being uncertain if people are single or taken). I think then I could tell myself that these people want to meet others, and I could maybe find the courage to talk to them without worrying about it.


But my new problems are: 1. I live in a small town with limited opportunities.

2. My community college doesn't hold many social activities.


So, I guess my real question is how to solve my dillemma. How could I start some social activity geared toward single people, and make it feel safe to all participants. OR How could I find existing activities...(I check college news/events regularly and don't find much).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. And I would like you to share opinions on this idea, and any experiences (good or bad) about single events. Even suggestions on what event could be? I need ideas.



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