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Does anyone else have this problem...?

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Um, me and my boyfriend have been together for about 7 months. And I can't get him off by giving him a blowjob. I don't really have a big problem with it since he had told me when we started going out that only ONE person has gotten him off with a blowjob, and she had to try for 3 years before she got it! I had asked recently if that was really the only person who got him off and he said yes, no one else has tried long enough. I came REALLY close once but then I changed position and he wanted to kill me lol. So now he keeps telling me that I don't try long enough, but I think after 45minutes I'm bored, annoyed, and would rather have sex. Besides he doesn't go down on me that often, nor for that amount of time.


I mean I love him, so I am willing to try again and again (although it's still not my favorite thing to do) but does anyone have any ideas whatsoever on how I could possibly make him come without staying in one position for an hour!

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This problem may have something psychological that you don't see.


IMO, the more a man is turned on then the easier it is to "get him off."


I think that you need to get him to relax more. You might even ask him (while you're down there) what feels best. Tell him to say "uh huh" if it feels good to him.


Having a good sex life requires good communication. IF you have it, then you both learn what each other likes and thereforeeee will be more informed and thereforeeee better sex partner. Good luck.

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you know... I heard that if you do the ABCs with your tongue (I guess trace the letters using your tongue) it can get any guy or girl off. I jsut heard this like, 4 days ago and I haven't tried it but... hey it might be worth a shot. Or go pick up a Cosmo... they've always got weird little tips to "blow his mind" Well I hope things work out for you!

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Perhaps switch up how you are giving oral? Change up positions and see what feels the best. On your knees for awhile, you laying down and him putting it into your mouth, your head hanging off a bed, on your side, etc.


If you get tired of doing one thing, then try something else. Mix it up with handjobs. Try rubbing it between your breasts and then taking it in your mouth. Or just use oral for foreplay (both people performing it on the other) and finish off with regular intercourse.


Keep in mind that its probably a mental issue with him, not about you. Don't take it personally, it doesn't mean he is less attracted to you in some way.

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