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What do you see in me?


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Hey guys, another one from me, its only my second one though. I still can't get the rhyming in a poem so mine don't rhyme lol! This is just how I used to think.

What do you see in me?


Before I met you

I was lonely

I was upset

I cried myself to sleep


Thinking I would never find anyone

Thinking to myself how ugly and fat,

how worthless

and how useless I am


As this was said to me by my mother,

by people at school,

by my brother

I had no hope in myself, my life, no confidence.


I found you

We got together

We grew love

We've never been apart since


I can't do anything right

I can't seem to find what you really like in me

I'm not used to love in my life, really, what do you see in me,

Whatever it is, thank you I have never felt so loved and I love you more than anything!

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Ta Lost Cause, lmao you don't sound strange, I woulda probably said the same if I saw you first haha. Where abouts in West Sussex are ya. Just looked at your profile too, scary your bday is dec 12 lol mines dec 22nd, now I must seem strange lol!



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Ahhh yeah, I've been to worthing and Chichester..used to love the caves in chichester but haven't been for ages thought it was kinda spooky to find somebody else who lives in Wext Sussex seeing as there's people from all over the world but I'm strange in that way and find those things interesting

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Ahh you sound like me, no confidence, no self esteem whatsoever, I really dont know what my boyfriend sees in me, I'm hopeless, I can't do simple tasks I'm clumsey as hell, I'm slow at learning, like when he cooks alot where hes a qualified chef and I cant cook to save my life but he wants me to learn but I've tried I'm absolutly hopeless I cant cook the most simple thing and the thing is I cant learn it quick. Lol it just seems I can't do anything right, I dont think I am attractive in anyway. Im finding it very hard to see what he loves in me, I really have no idea. Anywho sorry for the long post haha. Tis what the webbie is for I suppose.



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Yup, I understand exactly where you're coming from. My boyfriend is amazing, good cook too and I can't cook to save my life, though I can do a mean bacon sandwhich!lol He's half Italian so can speak it almost fluently, and I know no other language. He is gorgeous and I don't consider myself much to look at. I have no real talents and have just left Sixth Form cos I can't hack it! What on earth does he see in me?! lol! Guess were both lucky and have found truly decent guys who love us for who we are. Just hard to see why sometimes! Ohhh listen to us moaning on about ourselves!! Probably sound so pathetic lol

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Lol, I get ya. Yeah I bet if we read it back tomorrow or something it will sound pathetic haha. But I have to say I've never been so happy now I'm with him, he's 20 I'm 17, we've been together just over 6 months, it was 6 months on Christmas Day. He also took my virginity lol, which I'm happy about lol no regrets there.

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Aww thats so sweet I know how you feel. I truly feel so deeply in love. More than love. It just feels..magical and amazing and hard to describe! I feel so happy when I'm around him and feel crazy when im away from him for any short period of time!lol

Sometimes he's the only thing that keeps me going. I thought I was in love in the past, but now I realise I wasn't. There's just something indescribable (probably not the right spelling!) about what we have!

So this is something we've both got to be thankful and happy about Allthough we may feel worthless at times (or I know I do lol) we both have amazing bfs, and thats alot more than some people have!

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Lol nah you don'tttt. Yeah I've had boyfriends in the past but I've NEVER felt like this. He makes me very happy. I do feel worthless at times, but I know I have a bf that cares about me, I'm missing him right now, I was living with him at my friends parents pub but we got kicked out of there, long story but they did wrong not us, and the flat he had before that he got kicked out because his flatmate forgot to pay his share of the rent money, so now he is living in Chichester with his mate and he tries to come over every other day at least, a few days in a row if hes got the money, but I was so used to seeing him everyday n sleeping next to him. But we're both getting jobs and we're looking for a place together and we're moving up North. I said though if anything goes wrong up there with us *touch wood* I'm stuffed and he said, no if anything goes wrong I wont leave you to come back on your own, I'll bring you back home. That made me feel better. Although I highly doubt anything will go wrong anytime soon.

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star6 and lost cause, you should bothask your boyfriends exactly what they love about you, how they see you, what they really think of you. i was the same way before i met my boyfriend(really low confidence & no self-esteem...) but he showed me things about myself that i never noticed before, it really has boosted my self-esteem and confidence

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