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Listen to me

Moon Goddess

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Listen to me, but only when I ask

That's all I really want

To be heard and not have to wear a mask

That beautiful mask I choose to flaunt


Listen to me

I am silently screaming

Screams from my heart and soul pleading

Pleading for someone to save me and stop the tease


If I choose to scream out

Will you listen or only judge

Judge me on what I pretend to be

Or just search for the fault in me


I guess I'm really scared of me

Since I hide myself so bad

But if look in my eyes and listen,

you just might see

All the things I pretend to be


I pleaded no one answered

Now I close myself to the world

Close out to everyone who never heard

I'm lost now distant and cold

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Beautiful. We all wear masks at times, sad that we often feel afraid to reveal our true selfs. Sad that we try to hide ourselves, afraid of what we feel inside. But we shouldn't be afraid, we should learn to love ourselves more. And there are others who understand us and whom we can trust.

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I felt that way in school most of the time as well. Didn't really have anyone I connected with and could really trust until 10th grade when I met my best friend, still best friend to this day. Just one person like that makes a world of difference. Hope you find that person soon.

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