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Sorry if this goes on a bit, it's been a while.

I was walking down the street today, when in the distance I saw my ex-girlfriend riding towards me. I could see she had already seen me, so had no chance to duck into a shop or something like that. So I had to front it out.

Now I have had no contact at all with her for over 3 months, even though we broke up about this time last year. The last contact we had was not all that pleasant for me in particular (read previous posts), and as a result of it have made no further attempts at contacting her, and she hasn't contacted me either.

So, like a rabbit in the headlights I was trapped, nowhere to shelter 'til the storm passed, so to speak. Then to my surprise she pulled over, this I'm afraid to say took me totally by surprise. She looked like she'd seen a ghost,

we had a short mumbled exchange, then I found myself walking away as she called out good-bye.

Afterwards I felt a bit rude for not wishing her "Happy New Year!" so I sent her a txt saying so, and wishing her all the best for 2006.......obviously I got no reply!........didn't expect one actually.

Don't know how I feel about it, haven't figured it out yet, definitely feel different though. It was a bit like meeting a stranger, if you know what I mean. I'd like to say it was nice to see her, but I'd be lying. Aren't emotions funny things?

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emotions can be our best friend or our worst enemy. . .during break ups, man I wish they didn't exist!! It's funny how just a brief encounter gets your body and mind to resurface all those feelings you have worked so hard to push away. . .but trust me you're being strong and please if she doesn't respond, let it go and don't waste another minute thinking about it. . .You've done great and by pushing the issue of why she didn't contact you will only make it worse!! Happy new year and what a great time to turn over a new leaf!!

Stay strong!!

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