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Is it now time to say the "L" word??

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Hi all,

Ok, this gonna be very shorty,2 year relationship, he say the word when it was just 4 months into relation, and yes he stills says it and seems very affectinate, just the opposite. First time he say it, I was like "Um, ok, thanx, I appreciate it", but I never say it back. Maybe it's the way i was raised, my folks would show their love mainly through actions, and as u can see, I find that more important than words. I'm a high believer in the saying that actions speak louder than words, but I dunno if I should say the word just once. Another question "Is he really waiting for me to just say it, cuz if that's the case then it would be like I'm force to say it?

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Well, gosh, I don't know. Some people stick around in relationships for a long time for reasons other than love.


Maybe you should tell him what you told us - that actions to you are more important than words, but that you do love him, even if you don't say it all the time. I bet he'd be happy to hear that.

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Put ur self in his shoes.How would u like it if for 2 years u keep on telling him dat u love him.But he never says it even once.All he says is he appreciates it.


U no deep inside that he loves u from his actions.But wouldnt u just love to hear it atleast once!.


Like everyone said,Say it if u feel upto it.But its wrong to not say it if u really love him.Cuz in a way,everytime he says da "L" word,he wishes u had said it too!.If u love him,Say it not as a formality,But because u really do love him!


Hope m rite!

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